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Personalized Sequences

by christmas voice guy


A FIRST in the world of holiday light displays!

Justin Poe, the Christmas Voice Guy and MonstrousMike Barsky

have teamed up to bring your show to the next level!


These are fully sequenced, CUSTOMIZABLE songs for your light show!

95% of the work is done!  All you have to do is make a few adjustments to the lyric track!

After that, It's just like mapping any other sequence!

Each song contains portions that can be customized to fit YOUR show!

Glow miser

Glow Miser Pic.png

Grandma got run over at the light show

Grandma Pic.png

One more sleep til' christmas

Kermit pic.png

jingle bells

Pals Pic.png

At christmas


Jingle jingle jingle


what's this